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The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen...






v House

v Forest

v Palace

v Icy North

v Lonely Castle

v Lopland

v Cottage

Ø The place where Kay felt a sharp jab in his eye and another, piercing his heart, start from that Kay became a cruel.

Ø The crow told Gerda about a young boy who was appeared in the palace and met with princess.

Ø Gerda thought that boy was Kay, actually, it was wrong.

Ø Gerda had been attacked by little robber girl.

Ø Gerda slept in the palace.

Ø The princess gave Gerda glistaned with golden sugar and inside, the walls were lined with sticky buns and fat cream cakes.

Ø The Snow Queen appeared during this season.

Ø Gerda stayed with a daughter of the robber and her pets.

Ø Gerda got some informations about Kay from Ba and Pigeon.

Ø Kay had been jailed

Ø The place where Kay had been saved by Gerda.

Ø On the way to look for Kay, Gerda had met an old woman and stayed in the cottage for a night.

The Snow Queen

We have read the novel, The Snow Queen written by Hans Christian Anderson. Based on the novel, we had made to choose Gerda as a character who we admire most.

The first reason, why we choose Gerda was because we had learnt the powerful of friendship from Gerda. In this novel, Gerda was willing to sacrifice herself in order to save her bestfriend, Kay. Gerda had a long journey and faces a lot of difficulties alone. The climax of her challengers was come during she need to fight with the Snow Queen’s evil. It show us that, the powerful of friendship had made Gerda, who is only a little young girl can save Kay without any help.

Apart from that, Gerda also teach us about the important value of brave. In this novel, Gerda who succeed in finding and saving Kay from the Snow Queen. Along her journey, Gerda was been attacked by an old robber woman. But, she has been saved by the daughter of the chief robber. It shows us that althought she knew about her safety, but she took a risk by being a friend with the little robber girl.

Last but not least, the value of love also has been showed by Gerda in this novel. Gerda loves Kay so much. It was provenwhen her tears can washed away the Snow Queen’s witch. The ice around them spell ‘internity’, which was freeing Kay from the Snow Queen’s influence and that of the evil mirror.

In the nutshell, there were a lot of reasons why we chose Gerda as our favourite character. She teaches us the value of friendship, brave and love.

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